[Let's Discuss & Share!] What are you wearing today? 2019

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Though this piece has gone to a new owner. I can't help but feel great everytime I see this photo.

Rian Roon Raek, Block "Mi Ghak"
Luang Pu Tuer Ajaladhammo
Wat Asokaram, Samut Prakan
Nur Thongdaeng Choob Nickel

"Do not fear whatever ghosts, demons or gods. Because the most frightful thing is "Evil Karma". Thought it is just the bad actions that we commit. But it would follow us throughout this life, if not the next as well.

That is the thing we should be most frightful of." - Luang Pu Tuer Ajaladhammo

PS: Translated to the best of my limited ability.


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Solat eclipse during noon today. So I thought of bringing Phra Rahu with my other usual two.

No special reason. Just felt like it. If it's inappropriate, please advise.


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