[Question/Help!] What Amulet Is This???

what is the name n who made it? what kind of offering is needed n what is merit transfer?
Usually offerings like food (rice, boiled eggs, chicken), drink (preferably Red Fanta), and incense has to be offered once a week

Not to mention that you need to transfer a lot of merit to these type of amulet by chanting mantras and doing good deeds. Mind you, these kind of yin amulet sucked up your good merit extremely fast.

I used to have one but end up returning it to the shop last month. Because the spirit has been attacking me in my dreams AND haunting my house no matter what I do to appease it. Not trying to scare you, but this is from my own experience. Owning a yin amulet is very unpredictable. It doesn't even help me much. Guess it's me that's keep giving to the spirit. So unfair lol. After I returned it, the haunting stopped.

It takes great courage and risk to own one.


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Just a personal opinion in regards to "playing" with spiritual stuff.

自己给自己积的福报都不够, 好要还前世今生的冤情债主. 为什么还要给自己找来更多的麻烦呢?

(Translated: We are already lacking in merits. Furthermore, we have karma debtors from previous and current lifetimes to payoff. Why go look for even more trouble? )

It's like we can't even feed ourselves properly but we still want to go adopt a kid because we hope one day, the kid can help us make more money
I could be wrong but I seen it during my nutty days. It should be by aj chalerm . The reason I remember this image is I seen an old bald man going to the shop and returning it.

He claimed it caused havoc to his life wife gone job lost and now his hair was balding.

I read some posts saying this master is good because you never see people selling off his stuff in carousel etc.

Normal people will just want rid of unlucky stuff asap so they rather returned it to shop rather kept it and being cursed for months.
Most barang you get maybe Barang being returned by previous owners.

If a stuff is so good chances I won't return it.