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    8 February 2009
    To All Faithful Members,

    It has been a wonderful series of years with AMULETFORUMS, and we have watched the community grow from a small group into a large international community with thousands and thousands of active members logging in everyday to read up on the latest trends and news with the Thailand Buddhist world.

    However, like with all good things --- everything must come to an end. The Forum Administrators have been financially, and technically, servicing the servers from a small pool of money that was contributed out of their own salary. And even with the Premium Membership donations, we are in the red and barely able to sustain the servers, and intricate network equipment, to keep this forum alive.

    As such, it is with our heartfelt regrets, that we have chosen to shutdown the forums on 1st October 2018. We will also be stopping all new user registrations starting from 7th May 2018.

    Thank you, to everyone, for making this community a success!

    PS 1: If you are a Premium Member that has paid for services that go beyond 1st October 2018, we will be in touch with you shortly to provide you with a pro-rated refund of your service fees.

    PS 2: We have, and will always, been a strict advocate of privacy and due to our utmost commitment to protect our forum members' privacy, we have zero intentions to sell the forums, or databases.
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