Video Of Passerby Helping Police Subdue Man Resisting Arrest Goes Viral

As a close friend of a police officer, my heart goes out to all you heroes out there.

But sometimes, heroes need help too.

In a video uploaded on Singapore News, a Facebook page, a passer-by helped the police tackle down a man who was resisting arrest.

Passer-bys Witnesses Scene With Police

The passer-by who helped the police with the arrest was initially observing two police officers who were following a suspect.

Image: Facebook (Singapore News)

They appeared to be trying to grab the suspect’s attention but was pushed away by him.

After a few more attempts, the attempted suspect run away from the two police officers.

Two more police officers came in from the back when he became more aggressive and shouted in Chinese “What is this? I want to go to the toilet now!”

Passer-By Jumps In To Help Police

Seeing that the four police officers were unable to hold down the suspect, the passer-by who had been observing the scene since the start came in.

He grabbed the suspect by the head with both hands and wrestled him down in one swift movement.

Image: Facebook (Singapore News)

He was repeatedly shouting “Get him down!” at the police officers.

Once the suspect was held down by the officers, the police officer told the man “Can already” and the man left.

Some witnesses were clapping for the man and one guy even shouted “Good!”.

Netizens React

Many online commenters reacted to the video by praising the man.

Image: Facebook (Singapore News)

Some directed their comments to the policemen.

Image: Facebook (Singapore News)

However, there were also many that understood the protocols that the police have to follow.

Image: Facebook (Singapore News)

Image: Facebook (Singapore News)

In 2017, there was also a similar case where three police officers were trying to restrain an uncontrollable suspect when the bystanders came to their aid.

Faith in humanity restored.

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