Video Of Man Who’d Rather Slap Himself Than Harm Wife During Argument Goes Viral

Abusive relationships are not unheard of.

There are many stories out there of how people in abusive relationships have suffered- like how this lady was blinded by her abusive boyfriend.

However, there are people who are not abusive too- and they go to great lengths to show it.

This man from Malaysia might just be one of them.

Man slaps himself as he fights with woman

A video that was heavily circulated online showed a couple arguing in the middle of the road.

The woman in the video was believed to be the man’s wife.

At first, it seemed as if it was just a normal argument.

However, when things heated up, the man suddenly started slapping his own face.


Image: Facebook

He was slapping himself hard at intervals as the argument progressed.

Why was he slapping himself?

As he continued to slap himself, his wife seemed to be asking him to calm down.

However, he was still rather worked up and continued slapping himself.

It was rather puzzling as to why he was slapping himself. The audio from the video didn’t help either.

Netizens speculated that even though he was angry, he took out his frustration on himself instead of his wife.

The aftermath

After multiple slaps, the argument seemed to have ended.
He got back on his motorcycle that was stopped by the roadside.

Image: Facebook

His wife came back and they had a relatively calm discussion afterwards.

She got on the motorcycle with him and they rode off.

Thoughts on the issue? Well, I just hope that the netizens were right- that the husband was hitting himself out of his own free will and not because his wife was telling him to.

And I wonder what was the argument about. Did the wife catch the husband cheating on her? Was the slap to punish himself?

In any case, physical abuse, regardless of if you’re inflicting it on yourself or others should not be the norm. Hopefully, he will get his issues sorted out soon.

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