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hey guys,,i new to this forum and been learning abt kmt,planning to get 1 for myself and more in future,can recommend me any reputable seller at sg?scared buy empty one..><,
Scared empty than better dun buy. Even if rent directly from temple bring come back also cannot guarantee not empty...


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Hello anybody got experience with LP sakorn? I got one dealer want to sell me this one( I now stay at italy so harder to go to Thailand and ownself buy)

Thanks in advance/QUOTE]
since u are staying in Italy, i suggest you select the amulet ones. They are smaller and easier for you to ship. And in future if you come back to penang, it is also easier for you to bring back. If u have Paypal, you can use credit card to buy from thailand without needing to go thailand yourself. Good luck.


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Just wondering if anyone can recommend where to get a kmt amulet? Not too scary looking type..
And where can we bring to in SG to test if there is spirit? Saw some brothers advice this.