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Well... i'm gonna try something tonight.
I will sleep with my #01 KMT tonight with him under my pillow... see he will visit me or not.
Will post a verdict tomorrow

My numero uno KMT


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Woke up around 8am this morning.
I thought last nite slept 2am + my track record of not dreaming for yrs, sure tired no dream... i was surprised I had a dream.
Before i hit the sack, I asked my #01 if there is anything to tell me pls tell me in my dreams.
Despite being damn sleepy, it was hard for me to fall asleep, which could be due to mind activities.
I must be honest and contribute that part of the dream was due to my daytime activity - I watched Ip Man 2 again online.

So, the dream was abt me dying of some sort of disease. I had awful boils all over my body. I dun remember it being painful but it was life threatening - and Donnie Yen was helping me clean my wounds :heehee:

I remembered very vividly the boils all over my body looks like this...

Last i remembered i was dying or some sort... then alarm clock came on.

I have always harboured this morbid thought... i have always wondered how my KMTs passed on when they were still human. I dunno man... I have heard that once u adopt a KMT, u and him are linked. Could he be showing me something abt him?

This little test could either mean something worth trying for the inquisitive or spine tingling for some... or be pure entertainment for the skeptics.

Anyways... i'm gonna try my #03 tonight... skipping my #02, he's the 9-kote mini bucha :hahahahaha: