[Let's Discuss & Share!] Thai Amulets and Sakyant Showcase


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@Valen, like this buay sia. You got supporters, if show got thai words amulets you can easily translate. Cannot play with you liao, i want that gangster amulet better.

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Some amulets are known to bestow the wearer with invulnerability and avoidance from danger (Kong Krapan & Klaew Klad). These types of amulets are naturally favoured by gangster during that era.

Amulets blessed by LP Pang (Especially first batch) gained fame due to the such feedback from gangsters active in the Isaan region.

For central region, I believe LP Plai of Wat GamPaeng is also a master famous for amulets that can "bestow" invulnerability.

But but but, please take it with a grain of salt. Wear it because you respect/like/have faith in the master, not because you're going to chiong disco tonight and want to get "Best Fighter of the night" award.

PS: Another fun fact. Thai people believe you should avoid alcohol when wearing LP Pang amulets, if not, the amulet would just disappear while the necklace is intact on your neck hahaha.
Hi Bro Wonderer, thanks for your sharing.... interesting....


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Taken personally at temple few years back. Same for Lp Gai. Unless temple sell fakes.

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Not doubting the authenticity bro, I abit old schooled, what I know apart from Lp Thuad image, no other monk's image was featured to be seated on lotus seat.

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Hello all sifus and bros here. I'm new to amulets. Was given this many many years ago. Can any good bros here help me id this amulet? All help and opinions very much appreciated. Sadhu!


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Back with another episode of "Too lazy to wrap my amulets" :cool:

This time with my Rian LP Pang BE2518
This Roon is the one with a famous story.

So 30 plus years ago this group of soldiers was which was about to be sent to be stationed at the borders of Thailand. And remembering the fact that 30 plus years ago Thailand was still battling with separatist in the north and south, so naturally these guys would want the "best" to protect themselves.

They then came up with the idea to test amulets of various types. The test was to use a .36 revolver and use it to shoot at the amulets. Using this method, they can then tell which one would be able to stop bullets.

Before starting their test, they apologized to all the amulets and masters for what they are about to do (seeking forgiveness is easier than seeking permission hahaha). Once that's done, they started shooting at the amulets one by one.

Most of the amulets didn't survive the shooting, but this particular batch of Rian LP Pang managed to survive not just 1 shot, but 3 shots. When pointed at the amulet, the revolver would not shoot. But when it was pointed away from the amulet, all 3 rounds shot out as per normal (no IA here)

Obviously these guys were amazed and news about this spread like wildfire. And that's how amulets blessed by LP Pang gained the reputation of being able to "stop" bullets.

Yup, as a disclaimer, amulets stories are often pass from people to people. So they would often have lots of pepper and salt added to them.

Random Khun Paen case, looks pretty cool leh