S’porean Alleges Packet Tea Gave Him Fever & Food Poisoning


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Marigold Chrysanthemum Tea Allegedly Had ‘Black Jelly’ In It

Remember the debris found in Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea? A man found “sticky substances” in his packaged drinks.

Unfortunately, another brand of chrysanthemum tea has allegedly been contaminated.

On Thursday (11 Jul), a netizen named Mr Raj uploaded a series of pictures on Facebook showing “black jelly-like substance” allegedly found in a Marigold chrysanthemum tea packet.


We have reached out to Marigold for comments.

“Black substance” in Marigold chrysanthemum tea

Late June, Mr Raj consumed a packet of Marigold chrysanthemum tea.

However, halfway into the drink, he felt a “pulpy” substance in his mouth. So he spat it out and allegedly discovered a “black jelly-like substance”. He then proceeded to cut the packet in half only to find more of it in the packet.


Probably wondering if he drank an expired packet, he apparently double-checked the expiry date which showed that it expires in Jun 2020.


Allegedly suffered high fever & food poisoning

Based on his Facebook post, Mr Raj claims that he had a high fever and food poisoning after consuming the drink.

Black substance in the packet

Marigold apparently didn’t take his complain seriously

So, you may be wondering why he took 2 weeks to lodge a complaint.

The netizen claimed he sent Marigold an email complaining about his experience but didn’t get a reply.

Frustrated, he called them to get an update on his complaint but apparently “no one took it seriously”.

This time, he called the manager of the marketing department. The manager offered him compensation for his terrible experience — another carton of drinks from Marigold.

Understandably, he declined.

Be careful when consuming packet drinks

MS News has reached out to Marigold Singapore for the validity of his statements. We will update this article when we have an official statement form them.

Though Mr Raj’s experience sounds terrible, this is still a one-sided story. So take it with a pinch of salt until you’ve heard both sides.

For now, just be careful when drinking packet drinks.

Featured image from Facebook.

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