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[Premium] Live Bidding Auctions Posting Guidelines

Discussion in 'Did you know....?' started by onionaut, 12 August 2017.

  1. onionaut

    onionaut Overlord of Null Staff Member

    9 February 2009
    AmuletForums LIVE Auctions

    Q. Who can post?

    1. Existing Premium members
    2. Sign up for Premium Membership to post your LIVE Auctions to attract more viewers and expand your audience!

    Q. How to embed a LIVE FB video on AmuletForums


    1. Right click on your video and select 'Show Video URL'
    2. Copy the video URL
    3. Create a new thread in LIVE Auction forum and paste the video URL

    Bidding will be done on individual LIVE Auction in their respective Facebook page/account, there will be no bidding posts on the thread.

    In addition, LIVE Auction threads will be announced on our Facebook Page!

    More details will be added, sub forum is still pretty new now :)

    Last edited: 26 August 2017
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