Preetipls pens reflection after 2-year stern warning over rap video


On August 14, 2019, local influencer Preetipls and rapper Subhas Nair were given a two-year conditional stern warning from the police for their rap video, which was produced in response to the “brownface” E-Pay ad.


Understands why people were angry

On the same day, Preetipls penned an Instagram post reflecting on the saga.

Nair thanks everyone — friends, clients, fans, and more — who have offered help and comfort in the past two weeks.

This includes those who didn’t kick her and Subhas while they were down, people who provided legal advice, people who defended them from trolls, and people who attempted to understand discrimination and the forms it can take.

Preeti adds that she understands exactly why people were angry at the rap video, and she hopes that neither brown faces nor such rap videos will have to be produced again.

However, she also touches on the issue of corporations getting away with “major screw ups” by doing the “literal least”.

Preeti signs off as “SG’s TOP Conditional Warning receiver” — a play on her usual moniker of “Singapore’s TOP everything”.


Over the past week, the influencer has posted content related to National Day.

You can read her post here:


In case you can’t see:

“The case is closed. I wrote down a couple of things off the top of my head, don’t worry this one very PG13.

Thank you to every one who understood our intentions behind the music video. Thank you to all the friends, clients, fans and everyone who offered any form of help/legal advice/comfort to us in the last 2 weeks. Thank you to everyone who didn’t try to kick us while we were down but instead attempt to understand discrimination and it’s several forms. also shoutout to the tough ones who tried to fend us from psychotic trolls online…don’t bother next time la that one lost cause haha

Don’t get me wrong – I understand exactly why people got offended with the MV so I’m not here to justify it, I am here to say thank you and let’s hope we don’t see anymore painted faces and “offensive rap videos” ever again. It sickens me when corporations get away with major screw ups by doing the literal least – we see this all around the world and I guess this is no longer news to me anymore but we should all strive to be more accountable, both individually and as corporations.

if you have body paint out there…pls use it wisely, we don’t need this to ever happen again. Thanks and back to work
xoxo, Preetipls – SG’s TOP Conditional Warning receiver.”

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