[Let's Discuss & Share!] Powerful Pitdas Amulets.


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For the Malaysians, the late Tok Raja of Kelantan made some powerful pidtas but they are now very expensive. And there are many fakes around too.

For the Thais, please refer to the Benjapakee of Pidtas, namely the 5 top metal pidta makers, and the 5 top powder pidta makers. These old amulets are also very expensive. I have a few, especially LP Aiem if Wat Nang, Bangkok, LP Ta of Wat Panaeng Thake, LP Doem of Wat Nongpho, LP Keaw of Wat Kruawan in Chonburi, etc. I lost one from LP Ding - somebody pinched it. These are the top pidta makers.

There are also some top present day (or recently passed away) masters around. The bros and sis in the forum may be kind enough to reveal their amulets to you.


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I think I saw an article or something about the top 5 pidtas in a website - possibly Montien Plaza website. This is a Bangkok shop. I tried to find it without success last year. I have a feeling expensive and deal in top of the range amulets.


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I have ...
pidta from CK Chan (Tok Raja direct disciple),
pidta from Lp Toh wat pradoochimplee,
pidta from Porthan Dam Wat Mai Naparam
pidta pangpakan from AC Khunpan,
and others

this is a far i go as I cant afford lp Iam, lp doem those ancient benjakapee pidta ...

I can tell you all are jalan stuff
The difference of pidta is its design, compare bangkok and southern thai,
southern thai are mostly Tok Raja style pidta ...

as long u got the pidta REAL and from famous sifu ... its good to wear
if u want to see immediate effect ... got get a Porthan Dam pidta :D ... but not cheap for early batches


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Hi bro do u have the pic of the pidta from Lp Toh wat pradoochimplee, yours is jumbo 1 or 2?
whats the market price now for these?

and how comparable is it to tok raja's ones.

do share, thanks


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Ya for Kelantan tip top no1 pidta sure will go to Tok Raja Pidta.
But pricing is damm sky high and due to alots of fake. U think RM1888 Tok Raja pidta in ebay or in FB is genuine meh? And not many people can identified genuine or fake. (Including me also, i still dumb)

If for more baget, can go to Than Chan (Tok disciple) or others Tok top disciple's pidta. Or maybe LP A1 wood pidta or PT Soon pidta also good choice. More economic to wallet also.

My personally wearing PT Lek (Wat Aril, Kelantan) 6 hand Maha Ud Pidta. This Pidta very good in protection.
Price still acceptable la in RM 3~4~5K.
( but SG market price i not sure how much).