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b4 anyone rent a pc/pg tink tis
1. u curious?
2. u wan more women?
3. u wan to increase ur sex appeal?
4. jt wan to test it out?
5. wan to use it to cheat ppl for money
6. u hear many ppl say sibe jalan?
7. ppl haf u oso wan to haf?
8. u wan use it to learn barang for evil usage

i advise u better dun rent....... cuz u haven do ur hmewk enuf on pc/pg
dun rent & lata end up in mental hospital or die tragically pc/pg is not for
beginners & its not a toy or something u tink can happy happy rent than u tink
u dun wan u simplily take to temple cuz he will not leave u he will still follow u
I don't really know much about PN and i am new ro thai amulet. If my goal is to win back and get attention from my crush to love me and also see result in my career(sales line). Am i suitable?
Hi sammyboy bro..

what do u meant by "dear"?

As for enhacing wealth.. i'll share abit of my own experince but dear fellow bro/sis pls do not follow cos at that time i'm still young and did not understand karma and later part i really get backfire..

At first i just did what ppl normally do to worship PN and everything seem very smooth but later when my greed come, i fall for it.. I used PN to help me for soccer betting.. at first 1 nite i can straight win 3 match in a roll and that really give me great joy and my greed start to increase.. ppl start to call me "gambling king" and it seem like whatever i bet, sure win. And here strange thing start to happen.. i start to have a very very strong feeling asking me to stop my betting.. but as you know, i dun care and bet anyway.. but later my wining start to slow down or break even.. i still insist to bet and start to lose liao.. and after 6 mths.. it seem that all my winning had lose back.. so from that time onward, i understand that PN is very leng.. and must not misue it power..

Follow that incident, i started to look for job and i ask PN to help me.. it turn out that without 1 mth, i landed in a job that i had not experince but yet i still command the market price salary..

so here is abit of my past experince with PN.. But after that i really go learn from master to prastice magic or barang or whatever you guys call.. I believe that magic or barang dun have so call good or bad, it the person that use the magic/barang that matter..

SG still had alot of great master in magic, barang,法.. but it a matter of faith whether oneself got chance to meet the master anot..

Just my 2 cents point of view..
Any trusted master to reccomend for PN
the lp somchai phra ngan still spirits one bro..maybe u should try that..
its very hard to find phra ngan with pure real ngan spirit..its like finding a needle in a haystack..

this is the same gone case with khunpaen..
many people were delusional with khunpaen..dont get mixed up with phra khun paen..
and i dont want to start telling the differences of kp and phra kp..
for those who dont know..learn by urself..
people who owned the 1st class barang kp or ngan most of them cant tell
what inside their barang kp..
they tot by buying an expensive kp full of accessories they think they have kp spirit
but heck..its just a :biggrin:
I'm very new, may i ask what the difference between phra kp and kp?
bro, know internet publication always the best..
it spreads like fire..
but to follow PG/PC for the rest of ur life is not easy..
at certain point..even the old birds i knew already given up
one by one they let go, some are free too..
like i said earlier..
if u see an old uncle and he still praying to pc/pg for over 30yrs..
can u imagine how devoted he is..
carrying a pg/pc is like a symbol of marriage same like u keep ur barang for longtime.
in my research..
during these thai buddhism forums appear everywhere..
the old birds that i knew already given up barang including pc/pg is sum up to 60%
either quit or go back to mainstream..its a fact..:biggrin:
maybe one day i will quit too being pg/pc devotee..

so in my wider views..these young people if they want to learn the pc/pg
u need to get the right people to guide..
whatever ur purpose to praying to pc/pg, u must be prepared to face the consequences.
if u just want to learn for fun or u think pc/pg are damn cool, following the current trend,
then u are wrong..be prepare to ended up with tons of problem..
because pg/pc dont like those kind of people..
they knew who they want at the beginning..
they choose not but random..
but by their preferences..
Any right people to reccomend for mainstream pn?