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[New Feature] Virtual Shopfront

Discussion in 'Did you know....?' started by onionaut, 14 May 2014.

  1. onionaut

    onionaut Overlord of Null Staff Member

    9 February 2009
    AmuletForums.com is offering VS (Virtual Shopfront) feature. List your products and services and reach out to your audience today!

    Virtual Shopfront features:
    • Dedicated forum to post your shop updates/sales/events
    • Automated updates posted in VS from your Facebook/Twitter/Carousell page
    • Customized Node Logo
    • Custom Prefix Tag with desired name
    • Real-time Updates in VS will be listed in FrontPage in dedicated tab for VS
    Pricing: $468 for 12 months subscription ($1.30 per day)

    Contact us at premium@amuletforums.com with subject title ‘Virtual Shopfront’ now to open your Virtual Shop in AmuletForums!
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