Netizens Dig up Even More Foreigners with Questionable Degrees

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    8 February 2009

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    Dear TRS,

    Please share this news with your readers.

    Netizens have discovered another Foreign 'Talent' from India who has managed to secure a job at Murex Singapore despite having a fake degree. Not only did she get the job, she was also appointed as a Senior HR partner, meaning that she has some say regarding who they hire. She also supervises their recruitment process.

    The photo evidence is here:



    Here is Hershal Srinivasan's LinkedIn profile:

    From the screenshot in the hardwarezone forum thread, it was stated on her profile that she graduated from Commercial University Ltd., Delhi.

    Here is a news report from India saying that several universities in the state of Delhi have been identified. (

    Wrap Text field:

    Commercial University Ltd is listed as one of the fake universities.

    If India can identify which are the fake degrees, why can't our government and relevant authorities do anything to prevent fake degree holders from getting into management positions? Are their resumes even scrutinized?

    Since Hershal was appointed to a HR position, who knows if she has been secretly helping her fellow India nationals with fake degrees get jobs too? Shouldn't locals have higher priority in getting jobs in Singapore? I find this disgusting and unfair.

    It makes me angry that degree holders from uniSIM, MDIS and RMIT are looked down on and instead foreigners with fake degrees are favoured over commoners with such degrees.

    This is on top of another case exposed by forumers too:





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