Man Jailed for Filming Woman Being Raped in Downtown East Chalet Secretly

Ladies, when you go out partying, know your limits.

And dudes, don’t be assholes. She’s someone’s precious daughter.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re either like me who don’t party, don’t know what happened, or you don’t think it’s okay to have sex with unconscious women.

By the way, if you like unconscious women, just know that that’s one step away from unmoving people (read: dead). You can be almost-best-friends with Amos Yee.

But back to the topic.

If you see an unconscious girl being taken advantage of, don’t just film it down either for STOMP or your own interest.

You might just get into trouble even if you’ve not done the deed.

What Happened

Downtown East is the place for secondary school kids or older to get together and have fun.

But more recently on 17 Sep, it was the filming set for a homemade porno, “Raping An Unconscious Lady, Uncensored”.

Gan Soon Chai, a 34-year-old cashier at Club V5 Tycoon booked a room in D’[email protected] East for two days.

The purpose? For him and his friends to enjoy themselves.

Unconscious Woman In Car

Four men were involved in the case.

It includes Gan, a Club V5 bouncer, manager Yap Chun Chieh and Tay Boon Huat.

The other men drove to Forum the Shopping Mall to pick up Yap and the victim, a 24-year-old woman who was unconscious at that time.

On the way to the chalet, Yap had the girl on his lap.

Tay, who was at the front seat, stretch his hand behind to fondle the girl’s chest. A third man who was there also did the same.

Decided To Film The Scene

The moment they got to the chalet, Yap took off the girl’s bottoms and raped her. Tay also took advantage and forced the unconscious girl to perform oral sex on him.

And it was then that Gan, who was watching from the other bed, decide to film it down without informing the rapists.

About three minutes in, the pair of rapists noticed their voyeur and told him to stop.

Yap then took the victim into the toilet and Gan, no longer having a show, went out to show another man a portion of the video.

Eventually, Yap helped to dress the victim before calling a taxi for her to go home.

Tay tried to delete Gan’s video on his phone but didn’t manage to do so.

The Aftermath

The victim made a police report and Gan was arrested more than a week later on 26 Sep 2019.

A Galaxy Note 8 smartphone was seized from Gan and they managed to find the video of their sexual assault.

Besides that, an additional 73 videos were taken from his phone. 65 of them were obscene and eight without a valid certificate.


Gan was sentenced to jail for one year and three months. In addition, he was slapped with a fine of $20,800.


That’s a huge amount of money.

What more, if he can’t afford the fine, he’ll have to pay it back another way: by staying in prison for another three months and four days, on top of his original sentence.

Meanwhile, the cases against the rapists are still pending.

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