M’sian stall sells durians without weighing shell to ensure freshness & value for money


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Durian season is in full force.

That said, you might have experienced your fair share of stale durians.

Sells durian flesh only by weight

This was what prompted Malaysian durian seller, Izzuwan Ismail, 30, to sell durians without shells.

Photo from Izzuwan Ismail’s Facebook.

Izzuwan got the idea after receiving some bad durians last month.

He said that he values customers’ satisfaction and does not want customers to feel cheated.

He is selling the durian flesh at RM25 (S$8.20) per kilogram at a stall along the Universiti Utara Malaysia highway heading to Changlun in Kedah.

Sold out by noontime

Izzuwan’s business has been brisk and many customers are happy with this new policy.

Photo from Izzuwan Ismail’s Facebook.

Photo from Izzuwan Ismail’s Facebook.

Photo from Izzuwan Ismail’s Facebook.

Reviews were really good:

Pertama kali dalam sejarah, durian timbang kilo isi durian sahaja ditimbang. Kulit buang jauh, kasi Viral penjual ni semoga murah rezeki. Share2

Highway UUM menghala ke Changlun.
RM25/kg isi sahaja, kulit xkira.. Kalo xelok dia tauk buang. Semoga murah rezeki adik ni.

— dreamszaf. (@nzafley) July 8, 2019

On July 12, durians were sold out at Izzuwan’s stall by noon.


Top photo from Izzuwan Ismail’s Facebook.

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