[Recommend me] Lp Chuen, Wat Ta Ee


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This Khun Paen I got from a collector here.

3-5 days with me only. First experience as documented below.

My car broke down in KL traffic rush hour to Genting Highlands, strangers helped me and nobody try to take advantage of the situation.

I managed to get my car fixed and the mechanic also never took advantage when it came time to foot the repair costs.

I initially expected my car to disappear or worst.... extravagant repair charges to a S-plate continental vehicle.

He was honest and even waited for me to arrive early in the morning to collect my vehicle.

Never tried gambling. But noticed roulette tables keep showing 25 and 43. Coincidence maybe.

Lp Chuen really helped me.


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The mechanic assessed that the petrol contains traces of water and was dirty.

I will never pump p*tron*s fuel again. If your car is expensive, please pump shell.


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Dear All,

I'm looking to get LP Chuen, Wat Ta Ee amulets.

Can I get a direction on where to rent? Please pm the pricing range as I am new to this.

This forum was recommended to me by a previous forummer on the old platform.

Thanks for the guidance.
I do have a few of his stuffs but rented out due to financial issue, the late LP Chuen consider one of the top master for metta senah. U can visit his temple at Wat Ta Ee.


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Amulet: Golden Kumanthong Roop

Master: Lp Chern, Wat Ta Ee

Material: Yellow copper below with Temple soil, Be2543

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Yesterday and the past few weeks I have got a few more lp chuen khunpaen. Will be looking to post them when I have the time.

Will also share review of the piece I have been wearing for a month.


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Okay....where shall I begin?

Its been a month after this amulet was passed to me and I have been wearing it religiously everyday.

I had initially expected more authority as per my first experience but then this one focuses more on seneh.

I was accepted by my boss with the 1st interview and have received many benefits that people have to pay pricely in exchange for while I got it pro bono.

I once came to work late on the 2nd day for over half an hour but was not penalised. Instead, I was asked if I was alright.

I have also bonded well with the people around me but the most important thing is that I have been seeing this girl recently for close to a week now and she is from a good background in a foreign country.

I was honest in disclosing that I am currently unable to pay for our dates financially and she paid for everything from the first date we had till now.

I just plan what we do and how to save our costs. She wasn't affected by it and told me that we need not save as she can foot for the both of us.

Before I met her, I have also been complimented by other girls for my looks.

That is all for the month.

I will share another review for this piece on the 3 months period.

Personally, I believe its all about your character.
Different experiences may vary.