[Requesting for] Life is bad , looking for help


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good amulet i have a lot but none seems to help m e, i donate a lot every year , go thailand donate coffin ,pray four face buddha .i do everything merit i can but things still not seem good.
your past and current karma is ripening . . don't give up


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Start to improve yourself to do good
In minds
In words
In actions

Good thoughts, Good deeds, treat your parent & family good. Appreciate everyday of life while you can before time up.


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It take time to see or experience results from wearing amulets. Therefore, it's an urgent matter the bros advise on praying at Temple do help.

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Sometime our mind is clouded by worldly desire and our judgement is biased.

It is good to take a step back and do self reflection. I am sure u will notice some goodness in u that have been missed out.

Chanting help us to clear our thoughts and open our mind. It is all about our mind. Good luck my friend. Sahu


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We always complain when bad things happen to us, including me. i complain all the times but I try to be more mindful these days.

Think about it, when good things happen, we never complain or get angry when it happens to us.
All so called good or so called bad happen due to our karma.

*Dont take my words for it. There are more qualified seniors here.
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