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    16 June 2017
    When I Was new to Kmt I bought a amulet at the fulushou I just bought for fun without knowing its power and methods of worshipping
    People told me amulet no need food offering so I just keep drinks when Im free or go for holidays come back a month later seeing the food offerings stinking so I will clean. Offer food When I need something gradually things worked like magic for me and my dad as he keep strikes 4d so I thought of getting another kumanthong at upper serangoon mall but he keeps the shop closed always so I saw a tidbits shop at the mall thought of getting a drink and some sweet for my Kmt a chain of Kmt Amulet attracted me so I talked the shop uncle and asked him to teach me methods of worshipping Kmt he told me a old man gave the the chain of Kmt and told him to sell it to anyone who wants it. So I bought it at $20 for all 4 kmts. I went to wat kancharama at lor OMG lye for monks to bless before I bring them home I was young about 16byears old then so the uncle at templem told me I'm too young to handle them leave them here if you can't handle I told him I can and when to see the chief Monk at the temple after blessing before leaving home the uncle who advised me gave me a lukkok and told me have him too
    So with the all 4kmt and 1 lokkok
    I headed home so introduce them to my Kmt.
    Things when smooth till I when out for holidays again my mum cried to my auntysbsaying she say a a few kids at home in living room open keropok and laughing around and disappeared seeing her .
    My aunty asked me to explain to her what I'm keeping at home
    So I told them baby Buddha and stuff but my mum badly wanted me to attend a Hindu god Ayya prayers
    After the prayers room once I go in the god in trance asked me why didn't I feed my barang food I was shocked
    He told me they have been sucking blood from me and I'm falling sick slowly
    I agreed what he said as he told me whatever happen and how I have used them in my life
    He told me sweets is not enough for such being as they need food like rice for energy and power I returned them all to a friend of mine as he wanted to have them I told him how to take care of of and stuffs after months he told me they storey that another prayer god told him the same as my Kmt are so powerful but they need food if not they will suck thebowners blood for food and energy
    He returned them to this temple and bless them and Ask the monk to keep them

    Lesson learned : Kumanthong amulets need food not all maker or ajahn made Kmt require food check around please mine was powerful I did't know how to keep and worship them
    Ive regretted my mistakes and keeping a Kmt now who I treat him like my first son and treat him like my other kids equally he loves play ball at night's and move my wife's cup in kitchen ajahn nikom kumarndangnoi batch my DP have his photo
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