[Occult Barangs] Is the any Katha for Phra Ngan


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I am new to Phra Ngan . I read all your forum on buying cigarettes and offer brandy to phra ngan . I want to know is there any chant I can say to my Phra Ngan .My friend called me to call him," Ah GONG ." I also read about what feeding blood , Thanks to this forum , I found it is wrong and didn't do that . But If I don't smoke and drink , I only carry it . What katha are there for Phra Ngan ? They say Phra Ngan got alot of brother and many types of hat (pointing to left and right ) They say point to top is big brother . Can I know the meaning for pointing to the right mean what ?


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i think you better get a voice recorded katha from your dealer. every PN got different katha depend on which master made. It might not be good to you if you chant wrong katha or pronounce the word wrongly.


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General Katha:

Na Ba No Ho Ban Bai Ya,

Pit Bu Tam Mo Put Tang,
Na Mo Put Ta Ya,
Moma Mona Ma Ah Ut,
Put Tang Ka Ri Yo,
Tam Mum Ka Ri Yo,
Sung Kang Ka Ri Yo,
Om Phra Ngan ~,
Ma Nee Ma Mak.
Normal/Basic Katha (Phra La Ngan):

Ho Lee Ma Ka Cha
Put Toh Ah Kar Cya
Mi Yeo Pre Cham
Ka Chan Ah La Har Mun
Put Toh Sa Ma Har Mi
Ohm Prak Ka Cha Mi
E E Ka Cha La Ni
T Put Toh Tran
Ohm Prak Han
Ah Kar Cha Ni Mo Ra
Ma Ma Put Toh Ka Cha La Ma Han
Ohm Prak Han
Put Toh Ah La Han
Su Koh Ah La Han
Tan Mun Ah La Han
Ohm Prak Han
Ohm Prak Gan
Pra Gan Normal Katha:
( Pls noted as donated by customer )
Na Ma Na Ah
Nuo Gao Na Jia
Ko Wei Nuo Ah
Na Jia Jia Ah
Wu Mi Ah Mi
Ma See Su Tan
Su Na No Tan
Ah Su Na Ah
Pra Gan katha:

Put Na Chen
Ka Tar Na
Chin Ti Om Chen Toh Lor
Ti Na Pi Shen Na Long
Put Sar Put Su Ma
Na Ka Na
Tar Toh Pai
Sum Hui Sar Tia Ya Ka
Put Pan Too Tian Wa Ka
Wa Toh Ho Ha Ma Ma
Wa Ha Su Sar Ha Ti
Phra Ngan Katha:
Are La Ta Ka Mi
Ma Li Ma Mo
Are Li Ta Ka Ya
Ma Li Ma Mo
Eng Ngan
Hui Shea Shea Yi
Yi Shea Shea Put Ta Na Mit
yi Peng Li Ya Low Pier Kang
Yi Ya Kang
Su Su Po Ti Sar Ya Mit
Eng Ngan Ka Su Su
Ma Po Yong San Su Su Ka Ma
Na Ma Mi Han

Is this the general Katha for phra Ngan

Alfie Yeo

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dont ever think katha long got power, actually is wrong only the ngan wan to follow u tht is important. if he follow u chant his name more than enough. chant short but everydays boost up in long term ur short katha is more power to save ourself or even can help other.

Alfie Yeo

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bakeneko ar u vry sure cant be chant 'om pra ngan' 9x if nt dont ever say im wrong. ngan katha dont ever se on forum cos u ned someone to translate n u ned to copy ur own words to similar the tune. de best is to ask archan or kruba tht specialist on ngan. cos i knw ngan got more than hundred katha n om pra ngan is one of it. before to chant other u can try tis first n simple. cos up todate i still chant om pra ngan but i still continue others master katha like archan put , archan xiang,archan joe and kruba pom.
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