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[Let's Discuss & Share!] How to tell if someone is totally possessed by an evil spirit

Discussion in 'Thai Amulets & More Discussion' started by shakugan88, 18 August 2017.

  1. shakugan88

    shakugan88 Registered Member

    2 February 2017

    can advise how we can tell if someone is possessed by an evil spirit?

    Will the evil spirit take over the physical body entirely?
  2. daren

    daren Registered Member

    21 December 2015
    Omg sounds so scary

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  3. tommyho

    tommyho Premium Member Premium Member

    17 June 2010
    Ignore it, let the professional handle it

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  4. bukboy

    bukboy Registered Member

    13 May 2011

    I don't think we laymen can tell if someone is possess, unless the person start talking different language that you know they don't know other language, or they crawl up on the ceiling and walls.

    I thought my ex gf was possess before, because she always keep complaining about everything. Like , I go out with my friends a lot, I don't care about her. I don't call her where im goin. I mean just complain and complain, I thought she was possessed. lol
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  5. robinmok84

    robinmok84 Registered Member

    8 June 2016
    What I experiences before is there will reject the Buddhism type amulet that u gave them. Refuse them to wear at first. Then will be emotional and keep crying and suffering. They will try to avoid you juat like very scare of u that they though u want to hurt them. I seen it before at a wat sha thai at kuching b4 seeing 1 old lady being posssed by many ghost inside body. She talk somethings that u wont understand. Then after meet with the lursi, all the characters change and try to against the lursi.

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  6. 18insanity

    18insanity Registered Member

    27 January 2016
    From wat i heard n read.

    Possession usually happens in stages n for different reasons.
    Some are instantaneous. (rare)
    Some happen in progression over a short period of time.
    Some may be a life time..(鬼缠身)

    Possession comes in various form.
    Some comes n goes. And it happens during certain time of the day or night depend wat origin of tat spirit involved.

    For some, its can forcefully take over a person's physical body.
    But tat doesn't means the victim will act like siao lang - although most probably they will ended up crazy or dead.
    The usual case is they act very very out of character.

    Most happened gradually...

    Some can be helped.

    But sadly most of them are gone case due to the fact tat they bought upon themselves..
    Reasons may be like karmatic retribution or self invitation... etc.

    So how does one spot someone who is being, or rather, in the process of possible possession?

    Tell-tale signs are usually in these sequence.
    -Downhill luck
    -relationship n financial problems
    -hear, feel or see something lurking
    -terrifying dreams or waking up in
    fear in the middle of the night.
    Then hving difficulty going bk to
    -emotional n mental breakdown
    (ki siao liao)

    Then.... keong kan liao.


    Its all in the eyes...


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  7. robinmok84

    robinmok84 Registered Member

    8 June 2016
    100% agree and support[emoji12]. I seen the exorcism b4. One lao ah ma around 60'. Need 5 to 6 mature person to hold the strength. The strength really powerful. That incident already being 2 years ago.

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  8. BestBro

    BestBro Registered Member

    29 March 2017
    i've seen many case with my own eyes, the possessed will behave weird and strong, the eyes gone white, scream and crying, try to destroy the victim body..
    till brought the victim to my area ajarn house, the victim faint once step inside the altar area,
    the master informed that the spirit can't enter the house altar, only stand just outside the doorstep watching.
    some can be saved, but some is destiny he/she must repay...

    usually, the spirit is either karmic related, or wrong doing such as practice magic, offended the spirit, luck is on low side etc. negative mindset also can lure negative energy too.
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  9. ax31

    ax31 Registered Member

    4 July 2013
    Shes not prossess.. Shes just chanting..
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