[Question/Help!] Hat Yai Temples


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Hi Seniors,

Any good temples in Hat Yai to recommend for career / business and wealth luck ?

Has been very bad for the past 5 years... don't know why.

Thank you


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i am not senior, but i can suggest change your destination to north or northeast instead. Base on my experience, wicha there are more powderful. Try chiangmai or kon kaen. Hope this helps.


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All temples (be it in Hatyai, BKK or Singapore) existed for a reason, and they are good to visit and pay one respect. If can tamboon or donate some necessities will be good too. If want to name temples in Hatyai for career or business, I think all are good to visit. If looking for Archans or LPs to give blessing, maybe can look for Aj Uthai, Aj Prasoot, Lp Zoon (or Soon) which I personally visited them before. Other temples either I never got the chance to meet them, or some other reasons which I shall not said out.


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Wat Pakoh Songhkla (AC Thong temple, passed on year 2000) used to have flower bathing rites many years ago, don't know now still conducting
Hi any bro recently visit AC Thong temple? Wish to make a trip to AC Thong Wat Pakor, AC Nong Wat Saikow n Wat Changhai within this yr... is all these 3 temples nearby each other??