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☆ Read Before Posting! ☆ Guidelines

Discussion in 'Amulets Galleria' started by onionaut, 17 February 2009.

  1. onionaut

    onionaut Overlord of Null Staff Member

    9 February 2009
    Rules & Regulations
    • No posting of firearms/pyrotechnics of any sort. This is to comply with the Singapore Arms Offense Act
    • No posting of endangered species or human parts. This is to comply with to the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act (CHAPTER 92A)
    • No sales, trading or exchanging is allowed
    • No posting in TS threads
    Offenders violating the guidelines will be suspended at moderation team discretion.

    Amulets Galleria Guidelines

    Prefixes are required to start a thread

    [Mainstream] - self explanatory. if unsure, approach the moderators for clarification
    [Occult] - local context called barang, if unsure, approach the moderators for clarification

    If I.D or Translation is needed, please post at the correct section or your thread will be trashed without notice.

    For the benefit of all, members are encouraged to furnish any available details on what they are posting.

    Information include:
    * Which monk/ac consecrated the amulets
    * Phim Characteristics and Make
    * Year of the amulet made (ie; BE.2551)
    * Which Temple (ie; Wat Ban Rai)

    Threads will be merged by moderators without notice if found there is no purpose of having multiple threads by member.

    Postings reply to other threads are not allowed in Galleria Forums.

    If you like what the TS posts, click Like to show your appreciation.

    It is strongly encouraged to watermark your pictures to prevent others from using it as their own.

    All rules and regulations are subjected to changes by the Administrator without any prior notifications.
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  2. onionaut

    onionaut Overlord of Null Staff Member

    9 February 2009

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