[Recommend me] Goldsmith with wide range of design in BKK


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Looking to wrap Phaya tao (Turtle) amulet. Preferbly those ready stock with twisted or fish egg design.
Any bros here seen any of these recently can recommend? Going end of the month.



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Thanks bro for your input. Actually i am looking at those with twisted or fish egg design. Any recommendations?
I used to go MBK. Cheap and good but not much design.
In my own opinion ah..

I will not go for twisted or fish egg. Because i personally tried it and tired of it.

Because when it gets dirty, tarnish (70% 80% 90% 916 Gold will tarnish unless it is 24k Gold), etc etc.

Very difficult to clean it.

Unless, you like it rustic rustic feel, look old old ancient antique then you can get those fancy designs and leave it.

Personally i prefer the old school type of Thai engravings.

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