[Let's Discuss & Share!] Free of Charge Astrological Reading

I will be providing free of charge astrological reading to members of AmuletForums.com (AF). This service may continue or may stop depending on my schedule or the receptivity of the service.

How it works:

1) Each registered member of the AF will be allowed to ask a maximum of 2 questions (for the time being). I will only entertain request for individuals with date and time of birth. Please also provider your gender (born male, female, currently have become/chosen to be male or female; and location of birth if possible. (kindly ask your questions clearly, precisely and sparingly. Unclear, confusing and questions that are too abstract, and questions related to gambling or harming others will not be entertained).

2) Questions can be sent to email: [email protected] (strictly no WhatsApp), or may be posted onto this thread as the following suggested format:

Date and time of birth: XX (Day) -XX (Month) -XXXX (Year), XX:XX hrs (Time) <English Calendar; time of birth is a must. I will do my best to assist, and will appreciate if you can do your best to find out your time of birth to the minutes, that will lead to the most accurate analysis> + Gender at birth


1) XXXXX ?
2) XXXXX ?

3) I reserve the right to reply at my own timing, and also choose whether to answer the questions. Would appreciate your kind understanding on the fact that my work will require me to travel often, and at times the heavy workload of generating astrological reports will be time consuming for me. Additionally, I will only provide answers, that I believed will be constructive to the life of the person asking. I believed that each has to face certain circumstances in life for a reason. And I can only answer to the extend that it will help the person improve his or her destiny. Ultimately, also remember that each has to bear their own karmic consequences. The extent I am able to analyze your destiny is also subjected to your karmic consequences and my affinity with you. I respect those who show respect and will try to give my best for all who sincerely and respectfully seek help.

4) I may not be able to answer in private. This is a free service, thus I wish to keep it simple so that I don't have to use different communication channels to follow up. I will ONLY reply onto this thread. If I have chosen to answer you, you will be given a reference number. You will be able to find your answers against the reference number.

5) Kindly be polite and also have the kind understanding that I am also just another human being, who would love to respect you and be respected in return. Verbal abuses will not be tolerated. If any comments, entries or replies are found to be unfair, harmful, one sided or destructive to anyone, I will have no choice but to stop this service altogether. Hopefully everyone using this service will generate positive energy, leave encouraging words and take this as an opportunity to encourage one another and learn life lessons together!

6) As there is a saying that goes, "一命二运三风水,四积阴德五读书,六名七相八敬神, 九交贵人十养生", to translate, this means that one's life development is influenced by the following factors:
- One's fate (the basic structure or nature of the birth-chart)
- One's life trend (which will change from one period to another, or from year to year)
- One's environment (Feng-Shui, or Geomancy)
- One's Karma (good merits vs bad merits, reaping what one's sow, cause and effect...etc)
- One's knowledge (knowledge is power, and humans are the only living beings bestowed with this gift, and therefore we have the power to shape our destiny)
- One's name (a name is a sound which carries with it vibrational energy and subconscious message, which will influence our energy field and psyche, which eventually influence our behaviors and attitude, that very often influenced the outcome of our lives)
- One's appearance (not being superficial, but our appearance is the first contact point when it comes to human interaction, which will also affect our chances of being favored or not)
- One's religious belief (religious beliefs have the power to guide a person's moral values and actions. And if a person is upright due to religious beliefs, chances are he will avoid wrongdoings that will cause him troubles, teach him right methods to handle life issues, for instance, and will help him to be protected and blessed by the deities)
- One's relationships (family, spouse, children, colleagues, boss, friends, teachers...etc who influence our lives)
- One's health (health is the greatest wealth)

Therefore, analysis basing on one's date and time of birth will provide a general guide, but not necessarily able to take into account the rest of all the other variables listed above, which will influence one's destiny. As such, I will encourage all who use this free astrological reading service to take the advice as a general guide only.

Additionally, astrological readings are derived from a person’s date and time of birth. If the date and time of birth provided is wrong, the readings may lose accuracy. The information provided on this thread is not a substitute for professional advice such as from a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, counselor or therapist of any kind and does not constitute legal or medical professional advice nor is it intended to constitute such advice. Any decisions you make, and the consequences thereof are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold the provider of the information liable for any actions that you take.

7) I reserved the right to change the rules or stop this service without any prior notice. I will do my best to assist all who come to seek help, but depending on the progress of both my work, and the development of this thread, I will make any adjustment necessary for the good of all.

8) Everyone will be given a Ref No so that you can look for your answers in the thread.

9) I do not encourage gambling, as many families have been destroyed due to the gambling industry, therefore I will not answer any questions related to such topic. Thank you for your kind understanding. Kindly re-read the instructions for a clearer understanding.

Thank you very much for your kind support!

- Jason Hathairat, Founder of Dhamma Galleria

P. S. This is a continuation of a previous thread for your info:

"ㄧ心向善,關愛衆生。 To have a heart of compassion for all sentiment beings."
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  • I would like to know about my career life as a whole.

Throughout your life you are prone to experience job changes or instability in your job progression. You are likely to change from one job to another not able to find out what career is really suitable for you. At the same time, relationship at work is not considered harmonious. In fact, you are prone to experience conflicts at work that lead to frustration or even anger. It also shows that most of the time you may have to work by yourself without much assistance from others.

Some career choices that are more suitable for you include working in government sectors, financial sector, stock related trading, related to jewellery or metal careers related to traveling or international trade, or careers that are somewhat related to financial, banks, insurance, gold, machining, glass, accountancy, auditor, military, police, security, debt collector, pawn shop, engineering, mechanical engineering, metal, army personnel, work that depends on metal or related to financial accounting.

It is also recommended that you work in an environment that have more females than males, or serving mainly female clients, or clients that are somewhat needing financial services.

In your upcoming destiny phase, your career should experience better progression, and there are chances that you are getting yourself into working more than one job. There are chances of having some side-lines. However, as your finances improve, so will you spend more than usual. You must try to do some careful financial planning otherwise all that you earn will be used up. There are also chances of getting into romantic relationships that will cause you a lot of expenditure.

In the year 2019, you will experience interpersonal conflicts at work or others may spread rumors about you, saying negative things about you behind your back. Also, you may get into some problems with contracts related issues. You will feel depressed because of such incidences. You will have a desire for job change also. However, first half of 2020 may be a better period for job change.

  • I want to know the spiritual side of me from my astrological side

You are born as a kind-hearted individual and has a natural inclination and interest toward religion. However, no matter how you try to get close to religious studies, you are not able to get to the core meaning of their teachings. You have tried to use different methods or ways to be truly pious and devoted, but there are always temptation and other indulgences that hinder you. You may have even travel to different countries to seek spiritual developments, and in the process might have spent a considerable sum of money as well. In the upcoming destiny phase, you will continue to spend much effort or have much interest towards spiritual matter and teachings. However, there are no signs that there will be great progress in this area. In fact, you may be too occupied with financial concerns and also members of the opposite sex will distract you from spiritual goals.

- Jason Hathairat, Dhamma Galleria
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* Should I change my job?

You have great ambitions for wanting to accelerate your progress and achieve greater success and higher income, however, the current career you are in is not providing you the opportunities. Social relationships with colleagues also don’t seemed to be a happy one, in fact you may be troubled by office politics.

Your current position is not a negative one, and you should be able to be in a somewhat managerial position or be in charge of some decision making of the company, and there will be subordinates under your guidance.

What is troubling you may be that your income is becoming stagnant and you are not achieving the level of income that you desire. Situations at work seemed to be going through a repeated cycle, not getting anywhere. You feel tired and exhausted of the repeated cycles and will experience a sense of directionlessness.

What is more of a major concern is the level of income and you are definitely not happy with it. Managing your expectation may help, nonetheless, you are also worried about your aging parents, and you do want to do your part in supporting them. You may have to be cautious of the health of the mother, or other senior motherly figures close to you, especially in the year 2019 and 2020.

There will definitely be desires to change job or explore alternative ways of generating incomes this year. Nonetheless, the second half of 2019 may not be an ideal time to change job. Good news is that in the first half of the year 2020 you may experience greater authority at work but that does not necessarily lead to higher income. Thus, improvement at work in the year 2020 will only be “in name” and will not translate to a much higher salary.

There are signs of you continue to be thinking about changing, or even considering a move outside the current country you are at. Nonetheless, it indicates that changing job or moving to another country, only will create minor improvements to your wealth.

It is also not recommended that you make great changes to your career as issues related to your parents may burden you and require you to have a more stable development and staying close to them. Be prepared that you will have to spend quite a large sum especially in 2020 because of them.

* What area should I be working in?

Throughout your life you may be caught in a situation whereby the title of your job is good but it may not bring about the level of income you desired. Therefore, it will help if you manage your expectation. Your karmic trait shows that in terms of work you are destined to provide much help for others through your earnest hard work and service to others. You will have sufficient to use in terms of wealth, but you may not be able to obtain the level of riches as that of the ultra-rich. Therefore, it will be helpful to learn to be contended with what you have and exercise good financial planning, as you tend to spend whatever you earn fast.

Social work, service-oriented or medical-related industry, psychologist, computer and computer related industries, electronics, mobile phones, aromatherapy products (especially that using candles or burning sticks), plastic-related products, cooking, electric engineering, energy, firework, food processing, gas or oil company, petroleum, chemistry, therma, multimedia, laser, lighting, movie production, photography, semi-conductor and anything that utilises light or heat, or uses objects to create light or heat are suitable for you. You are also very interested in religious matters thus working in an organization that is related to religion, especially Buddhism, will be beneficial for you.

- Jason Hathairat, Dhamma Galleria
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* Would like to know my love life as a whole and how to improve it.

The inherent karmic characteristics of your love life can be explained as the following:

The “chai star” that is shown in your birth chart which represents your relationship or marriage is in an unstable position, falling into the corner that represents your spouse, and clashing and conflicting with other “stars” within your chart, it points to instability in relationship or marriage throughout your life.

Additionally, there are also “bi jian star” that are close to the “rui ren” which represent you, and this “bi jian star” would often bring about third-party intrusion to your relationship or marriage.

Lastly, due to the characteristics of your birth chart, women would often cause you problems in life and draining your wealth.

In terms of the flying star in your Emperor Stars Chart, a star called “gua shu” which represents loneliness falls into a position that influence your “spouse palace”, which indicates that in terms of love life, you will feel a sense of loneliness often. “Tai yang” and “tai ying” stars are moving stars, found in your spouse palace, would mean that relationship may be unstable, or it will be more suitable for you to find someone who is from a far away country. Thus, marrying a foreigner may help to some extent.

Nonetheless, there are “huo xing”, “qing yang”, “di kong” in your spouse palace, pointing to the possibility that your wife will be someone who has a hot tempered, easily angered, aggressive, and may drain your wealth and even take your property.

For the current destiny phase, you are going through, having someone who is younger and who is from overseas may also help to improve the situation. Nonetheless, for relationship from now until 2024 will not be stable. Situations will often turn sour or will not end with a clear and sustainable relationship status or marriage. In fact, you have to be cautious of members of the opposite sex causing you problems and financial drainage.

It may be better for you to focus on your career progress and development for now. By 2024, when your career and wealth are more established, relationship will come to you naturally.

* Would like to know the spiritual side of me.

There are two sides to your spirituality. On one side, you love helping others and do believed in exercising compassion. On the other hand, to some extent, you are a also an epicurean who believed that life is to be enjoyed and therefore will allow yourself to be engaged in worldly pleasures and indulgences. You have to be especially cautious of friends as some of them are of negative influences and may lead you to wrong doctrines and beliefs. You like subjects related to the supernatural, astrological and occult. By nature you are kind-hearted and caring, therefore it will be good if you put this nature into good use by conducting charitable activities or other selfless deeds to contribute to the society.

- Jason Hathairat, Dhamma Galleria