[Let's Discuss & Share!] does Buddha really need your offering of water,tea and drinks?

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  1. uncle

    uncle Registered Member

    7 February 2015
    do they really need fruits offering, beverages from mankind?

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  2. Jordy

    Jordy Registered Member

    25 November 2017
    From my understanding, offerings are meant as a form of respect to the Buddha. We as humans, respect Him, so we do offerings. In fact, the need for offerings is not necessary. If your mind is pure and wholeheartedly to the Buddha, He knows it, He knows your respect towards Him!

    Flowers: We tend to offer the most beautiful things to the Buddha. When the flowers fade, it is also a reminder that things of the world also fade, so it reminds us of the teaching that “Whatever is of the nature to arise is also of the nature to cease”.

    Candles: We are offering the radiance of our own hearts and minds to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Remember, Buddhism is the path of wisdom. So we don’t want to offer dull, murky minds clouded over with all our problems and vices. We want to offer the brightness and wisdom of our own minds over to the Buddha!

    Incense: Incense can have a calming effect on the mind. So when we offer incense we want to offer our own peace of mind to the Buddha. We want to offer the Buddha a little bit more of the patience that we have shown in our daily lives to the Buddha, a little bit more calmness, a little bit more peace of mind.

    Fruits: When offering fruits, we want to offer the fruition of our Buddhist practices to the Buddha.

    Water: Water symbolizes purity and clarity of mind. So with pure water, we want to offer our goodness, we want to offer our virtue to the Buddha. We don’t want the water of our own minds to be dirtied by the deeds that we have done, the thoughts that we have thought and the unwholesome words that we have spoken.

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  3. Gaara

    Gaara Registered Member

    19 February 2012
    Yes. Buddha do not need and the offerings are meant as what Jordy mentioned.

    Gods and deities though, will appreciate the offerings as they are the ones to pop by the altar. When we do rituals or amulet Consecrations, we have specific items to offer to seek our kruba ajarns' aid in blessing.

    These specific items are part of the spell requirements.
  4. Valen

    Valen Registered Member

    30 August 2013
    My view is we need to do the offering not Lord Buddha need or not...
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  5. fazhu

    fazhu Registered Member

    19 August 2009
  6. kleentage

    kleentage Registered Member

    14 June 2015
    Agreed with you. It is important to show respect.

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