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Kruba Wooden Skull Special Maha Saneh & Setti Edition

Master: Kruba Thammunee, Wat Suanpuah Puthasatarn

Material: wood, bee wax & charm plant herb, powder, Be2558

1. Wooden skull full of Yants
2. Khun Paen Mahasoot Amulet
3. Salika Handwritten Takruts
4. Yingtong Inn Kru Roop Amulet
5. Kumanthong Amulet
6. Bee charm herb plant wax

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Amulet: Lp Thuad Arahant Relic Stone 龙宫舍利子

From: Cave of SamRoiYod Mountain

LP Parn, LP Koon, LP Lersi Landam and LP Yit ever said this Arahant Relic stone is powerful enough even without monks blessing. This known as Arahant Relic Stone as living stone with Divine blessing.

According to legend 2000 year ago, 500 Arahant monks practiced meditation in Cave of SamRoiYod Mountain - Prachup Khiri Khan province. The strong aura from the practicing meditation had formed the relic-龙宫舍利子 into the stone at the surrounding cave. Some Relic stone also formed by the remains relic after Arahant are cremated and had attained perfect enlightenment inside the cave. Until today, Arahant Relic Stone is a living stone with Divine Blessing.

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Hi Chris, Where is your shop located? I am interested to visit your shop


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Item: Bee Wax Gold Foil (Si Peung)

Master: Ajarn Meng

Material: Bee wax with gold foil, Early batch in early 2000s

New condition.

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