Bubble tea theme park ‘Tokyo Tapioca Land’ in Japan till Sep. 16, 2019


A pop-up bubble tea theme park has opened in Japan.

Image via @tapioca_land on Twitter

Tokyo Tapioca Land, as it is called, is a ticketed event in front of Harajuku station that will last till September 16, 2019.

However, instead of a full-fledged theme park like Disneyland or Universal Studios, this appears to be more of a festival of sorts.

Visitors can expect F&B stalls, 10 photo spots, celebrity ambassadors, and a “tapioca ride” (which is likely just a ball pit).

Image via @kumamoto_marina on Twitter

Image via @tapioca_land on Twitter

Image via @tapioca_land on Twitter

Image via @tapioca_land on Twitter

Image via @tapioca_land on Twitter

Photo-taking seems to be a big part of the event.



— 三上悠亜 (@yua_mikami) August 12, 2019

明日からオープンの東京タピオカランドを見に行ってきましたたぴ。会場内には可愛らしいフォトスポットが沢山ありましたたぴ。#原宿 #タピオカランド pic.twitter.com/tcXjF72ENg

— mihoko
(@nxmihokoxn) August 12, 2019

みんな遊びに行ってみてねー!#東京タピオカランド#タピオカランド#タピオカの夢の国#原宿@tapioca_land pic.twitter.com/lKE3HAMrcs

— NaNaSe (@n930_24) August 12, 2019

Pre-sale tickets, which are reportedly sold out, cost 1,000 yen (S$13).

Actual day tickets cost 1,200 yen (S$15.60).

The event looks massively crowded, though:

Image via @tapioca_land on Twitter

Image via @tapioca_land on Twitter



Top image via @tapioca_land and @kumamoto_marina on Twitter

H/T: SoraNews24

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