[Let's Discuss & Share!] Archan Wit - MCC takrut Beware


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It’s seems nowadays some dealers (I known of one from Golden mile) like to get LP/Archan to mass made & mass bless, to sell us at high profit. Got wave 1, wave 2 etc. Machiam like I phone 1,2,3 and so on etc.

In the past Master / Lp made amulet/takrut for a purpose to build temple,hospital etc. But nowadays seems the dealers is making use of them for commercialize purpose as long got abit if effect or the master reputation. Dealers Beware Karma is a bitch.
If you think that the way he is dealing with amulet is something which you don't like then you can either avoid it or just move away... Why do you need to bring this matter up to AmuletForums?

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