[Question/Help!] Anyone knows which amulet is good for ren yuan?


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Go temple @ palelai, ask the monk give u blessing for metta bah.

Or try get Phra Khun Paen, I have Phra Khun Paen before I enter NS. Quite jalan not bad eh, quick quick got friends and all. Even the 小人 suddenly want follow me HAHAHA.

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For my case, I take Nang Kwak for my Mahasaneh and Mettamahaniyom champion. Recently, I got a good job also because of her blessing. Really feel the power of her and guidance.

I think I fall in love with Nang Kwak.
Must sayang Mae Nang Kwak like gf or wife , confirm she bless you gaogao


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Must sayang Mae Nang Kwak like gf or wife , confirm she bless you gaogao
No that level la, not respect dy. I will treat/respect her as good as possible. But I suspected not all Nang Kwak is actually the same as Subhavadi or Daughter of Pu Jao Khao Khiao. It maybe something else. Since old Thai generation people said Nang Kwak is actually a benevolent Ghost lady turn into Thai Buddhist Goddess (Phu Jao Khao Khiao's Daughter, following Ramakien story).

Only later generation said she is Brahmin girl Subhavadi.

But for me, I take the Ramakien version since it is more well recorded and testified by many older generations.

Now I keep her phayant in my business card holder, chant and transfer merit to her, and invite her to be with me every time I go out for business and things using Gatha Arathana Nang Kwak from LP Pern, Wat Bangphra.