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AmuletForums.com General Guidelines

Discussion in 'Did you know....?' started by onionaut, 21 April 2013.

  1. onionaut

    onionaut Overlord of Null Staff Member

    9 February 2009
    AmuletForums General Guidelines

    Rules & Regulations applies to all forum sections

    AmuletForums Code of Conduct

    Treat others as you would want others to treat you
    Forum members come from all walks of life, think before you post. No one likes to be flamed or given derogatory remarks or to receive nonsensical criticism.

    Forum postings can be easily perceived in a way not intended by user. Always think before you post and made your intentions clear to other members.

    Difference between Freedom of Speech + Responsibility of Speech
    Forum members are free to conduct constructive discussion but are not allowed to use the above as an excuse to make expletive, abusive comments. If one does not know how to post responsibly, one loses the privilege to post in the board.

    Exercise emotional discipline when participating in sensitive topics and don’t get personal. Keep discussions civilized and be reasonable.

    Vulgarities, crude languages, personal attacks and group bashing
    The above behaviors are not allowed in the forums. This includes racism, nationality, gender and sexual orientation as well as religions, personal beliefs and disabilities. Such actions will not be tolerated and one would lose his/her privileges as a member of AmuletForums.

    Defamation of AmuletForums Management & Moderation Team and Fellow Members
    The above is not tolerated. As well as users posting intentions to leave AmuletForums and spamming and advertising of another portal/website of similar nature. If there are any issues regarding AmuletForums, one can contact the admin or moderator and resolve the issue amicably via Private Messaging.

    No Discussion and posting of usage of Drugs / Illegal Activities
    Members are not allowed to promote the use of narcotic drugs or conduct any illegal activities nor the discussion on such topics with the intention of committing them.

    Chat Etiquette in AmuletForums
    Threads should not have more than + - 45% of idle chatting / off topic posts. Only threads in Lifestyle Section are allowed for idle chatting / off topic. Threads found to be off-topic will be moved or deleted without notice and warned.

    Try not to use CAPS and BIG Fonts on your threads and posts it is equal to SHOUTING in real life.

    Smiley posts are not constructive. Try not to spam smiley only postings in discussion threads.

    Disturbing Forum Peace
    Sowing discord among members, Flame wars, Slanders, Threats, Rowdy behavior and putting down others based on your individual beliefs are not tolerated in AmuletForums.

    Friendly debates are welcomed, if an individual is threatening or getting unreasonable, it will be dealt with. Please post responsibly.

    Possession of multiple Forum Accounts
    Possession of multiple forum accounts is not allowed. All clone accounts along with the main account will be banned permanently. Actions taken will be at AmuletForums Management discretion.

    Trading in AmuletForums
    Trading is only allowed in Classifieds. While looking for amulets is open to all forum members. If found doing in other forums, you will be suspended without warning.

    Advertising in AmuletForums
    If you would like to advertise with us, please contact us. Advertising in forums for your business without notification is not allowed. Threads/posts will be deleted without warning.

    Last but not least.........
    AmuletForums does not approve of threads/posts that redirect members to other related forum(s) The Moderation Team reserves all rights to remove, edit threads/posts as deemed fit, without any need to provide any form of explanation/reasons.

    In the event when one has doubts, feel free to contact the Moderation Team moderators, administrators to get their views before posting so as to avoid posts being deleted or modified in any way.

    AmuletForums.com reserves the right to modify or delete any threads/posts at moderation team discretion. Any feedbacks please contact us.
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