[Question/Help!] Advice on human behind black magic

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  1. shakugan88

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    2 February 2017
    Dear knowledgeable mature brothers and sisters,

    My relative had been the target of numerous seduction black magic over past few years.

    We had effective protection such that whenever it happens, within a 1-2 weeks the entity has to leave.
    My relative also become sensitive to its presence. Even when the entity is there, there is not much it can do to my relative too except to whisper a message and cause dreams. No oppressive feeling whatsoever.

    As what we understand, the person who did it is like a delusional stalker. This person goes around looking for occultists to help him/her. Most likely the black magic also affect him/her and become even more delusional. Recently there are indications that the target's spouse may be in danger as well which is threatening to us (since the person who did this was unable to breakup the marriage).

    So the brothers and sisters here, any clue how to end this?

    How to convince the other side that it is pointless? Will this help all parties involved?

    We had spent the past few years ignoring and no contact with the spell requestor. But the human behind the black magic is still holding on.....
  2. PidtaLover

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    17 October 2017
    Don't worry. After AF gone in Oct. The BM will b gone too

    * ฉันเชื่อในอะไรก็ตามที่เครื่องรางนั่นคือประสิทธิภาพสำหรับฉัน

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