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About monk chanting - 4th floor, fortune center.

Discussion in 'The Hall of Fame & Shame' started by temp, 29 April 2017.

  1. temp

    temp Registered Member

    16 January 2011
    4th floor, fortune center.

    Shop is at a corner , opposite some health check-up center. Shop owner is an aunty.. You can see some altar near the door. (aunty is a sincere person)

    services description

    Her shop offers monk chanting. Pay her $10 as a service, and she will give you an empty red packet (you can put in any amount) to be given to monk for personal chanting. The Thai monk services varied, as different weeks have different monks. Chanting takes about 10minutes, don't have to buy anything.

    1. Is monk chanting good for the person ? Are there positive EFFECTS ? Does it change your luck ?
    2. Thai Monks can come from any Thai temples right ? does that mean all are equally good ?
    3. Does that mean local SG Taoist monk no good (maybe cannot find) ?
    4. Is it common for many people to go for chanting services ?

    I am sure many members here can contribute their views.
  2. Heeltrack

    Heeltrack Registered Member

    25 March 2016
    1. Not everyone same depend on own karma
    2. Monk got own specialist could be saney etc.
    3. This shop more to Thai believe so Taoist monk is other place
    4. Hmm I say average

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