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Thanks To DarkCraft

Discussion in 'The Hall of Fame & Shame' started by ThaiB, 25 October 2011.

  1. DarkCrafts

    DarkCrafts Premium Member Premium Member

    14 September 2011
    Dear Bros/Sis,

    Siam Crafts Will Be Back In Mid 2014. More Amulets At Challenging And Affortable Prices. And Not Forgetting Stay Tune For 3 Mega Events Will Be Organise On Our Shore!!!!!

    Lastly Would Like To Thanks All Fellow Bros/Sis For All The Support Given By You Guys!!!!

    DarkCrafts. JON::onionbb::
    Last edited: 20 December 2013
  2. Kratindaeng

    Kratindaeng Registered Member

    3 October 2013
    A big thank you to bro Darkcrafts aka Jon for his patience, time and effort in explaining the amulets I've rented from him. A knowledgeable bro who takes his time to explain everything about the amulets u rent from him and even advise u to consider first before renting and NO hard selling. And I believe his pricing is reasonable. I would recommend anyone or any newbies to consider to rent amulets from Darkcrafts if planning to have one. Two thumbs up for bro Darkcrafts.
    Wish you and ur family a happy 2017 bro Darkcrafts.
  3. dzambala

    dzambala Registered Member

    13 March 2011
    Thank you bro dark craft. Thanks for the surprise birthday gift. Bro dark craft offer good genuine amulet at a reasonable price. Highly recommended to all.

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