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    Rules & Regulations

    1. Moderators are not responsible to come and resolve disputes between buyer/seller and they are certainly not here to help you in any way.

    2. Post only when necessary. Also, give the other party some time to respond.

    3. Constructive Posts. This is not the place for no head no tail bickering, baseless slandering and flaming and this is not the place for you to rant.

    4. This forum is for seeking resolutions and not your personal battle ground.

    5. No postings of amulets for sale or anything regarding other websites, services that is not within AmuletForums Classifieds

    6. Soliciting sales and services is strictly prohibited. Threads will be removed by moderator without notice.

    Roles of Moderation Team in this forum

    1. The Moderation Team are strictly not involved in any grevious postings except:

    a) Moderation Team reserves their rights to pass comments on issues and interpret the validity of postings. If thread is deemed to be trashed. It will be.

    b) If any police report are to be made by a person, the party will have to contact me (onionaut) to get additional details. However, it is up to AmuletForums discretion and it will also be the moderation team to evaluate the necessity.

    c) Last but not least, AmuletForums holds no responsibility in dealings @ The Marketplace forum. Trade at your own RISK
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