IT support needed for premium member AGAIN

Discussion in 'Forum Support' started by SiamPerception, 23 April 2017.

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  1. SiamPerception

    SiamPerception Premium Member Premium Member

    20 April 2016
    Hello please take note this problem had happen again and it might be cause by the tapa talk bug again. Please have it fix as a premium member each day does have a cost and it might affect my viewership. Thank you!


    I just realize that my image is not showing in my sales thread as I have test my image links to my photo bucket which is working well but could not figure out what had happen to my thread as I have been using the same method to insert my images and suddenly it is not showing up.

    Could you kindly do a check from your side and keep me updated on what is happen?

    Thank you so much and appreciate your help

    Siam Perception
  2. bioanarchism

    bioanarchism Systems Architect Staff Member

    8 February 2009
    Hi SiamPerception,

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    We have identified the cause of this problem and due to the latest security implementations, the PhotoBucket links are incompatible with the system. Primarily, the forum system will require the presence of a HTTPS link instead of HTTP image links. Unfortunately, PhotoBucket does not support this feature and therefore does not meet the mandatory security requirements.

    We are performing a one-time conversion of your images using the IMGUR.COM system and you are encouraged to sign-up for an IMGUR.COM account instead.

    Please do not use PhotoBucket from henceforth to avoid any future inconvenience.

    In the meantime, the conversion process of your existing images will take approximately 48-hours to complete and I will update you once it has been completed.

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