How to take good amulet pictures?

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  1. blitz_san

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    17 September 2013
    Hi bros...just sharing...
    I took my amulets wit a 50mm f1.8 on a d90.
    I used a tripod and set it to its minimum focus distance.
    I am able to compose the amulet into my center focus point.
    I shoot at f8 iso200 and let cam determine shutter speed. I used remote shutter release.
    There after i used my com to crop out just the amulet.
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  2. warlockSG

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    4 May 2010
    ring lamp is good.

    but get those white study light. get two light to cancel shadow.

    get a agar agar digital camera can liao. got lens with built in macro can liao.

    just set to manual.

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  3. jekyll69

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    31 May 2014
    very expensive T_T
  4. Lengz

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    15 July 2014
    Any compact camera may do the job unless you need alot of dof..deep if field. And compact camera has smaller sensor. Unless u printing big pic if not its ok.

    As for dslr ..any micro lens would do the job. N the tamron is rated one of best for its price..its light..but when zooming just watch out for lens lenght. Micro lens has nearer focusing distance but also alot of dof. So controling your f stops is important. Iso try keep to min for best on tripod..or the small table stand thing call copy table. On tripod iso can be low as not worried about long exposure..anyway u can contol your lightings. If bad lighting..low iso..long exposure ..use cable release..if not timer release.

    Try avoid using led light as its bright for eyes but not camera..thats why some push iso up.

    Adjust angle of your lighting to avoid light reflections.

    As for someone saying white paper box is cause the paper act as reflector. ..if light too hush some use soft box to mild down the light.

    As for blue pic ...its your wb or white balance adjustment. Too blue cause wb tempt too low..too yellow means to high .

    If amulets like phra kring..full body amulet..if have hard time getting dof...can try tilting micro lens..its micro lens that can tilt to get more dof if f stop at limit already.

    If not u can try multiple exposure..focusing diff parts of amulet. Yah cannon dont have has.

    Micro lens famous is nikon 60mm..lo5mm..200mm...tamron 90mm...sigma150mm...yah cannon micro lens sucks kekeke
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  5. grand

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    23 September 2013
    Hi, I take photo and edits for books publishing in Thailand. Basically I would not advice using flash but video lights such as LED for lightings. For macro lens if you understand manual set up i.e., shutter speed, aperture and ISO (different manual set-up can sometimes give different result as to pixelation). Would advice using macro lens 50mm for amulets such as WRK Phra Somdej. Of course additional equipments are a need depending on the end result that you're looking for. Would not advice using a light box since the result would be flat. Just my 3 cents. Cheers!
  6. SiamPerception

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    20 April 2016
    Just sharing one of the setup which is taken under natural light but some editing is needed too.
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  7. liangshao

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    27 January 2011

    First you need good lighting. This is a normal photo taken by Samsung S7 camera.


    After you get the hang of the lighting find a black matt blackground and use a tripod to take the photo those cheap $10 u buy from hp shop. Slightly adjust the contrast so the velvet reflection will be gone. For this picture it was taken with sunlight.


    For this picture its still taken by my samsung s7 camera. Using those $3 LED white or orange warm light just get 1 white and 1 orange play around with it. This is taken without tripod. Budget stuff can do wonders. Since if you hold your camera too close to the amulet it will lose it focus. Bring you Hp back but zoom in 1.5x since my S7 is 1.5 optical zoom. All pictures are taken with HDR.
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