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Discussion in 'General Buddhism' started by sleepyhead, 14 February 2015.

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  1. sleepyhead

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    18 January 2010

    The Founder of the Buddha Dordenma Project will be in again this year to conduce a fire puja for deceased as well as to clear off obstacles to the new Year.
    Go to website for more details.

    Palden Choling Buddhist Centre | To benefit all sentient beings

    Feb 28, 3-7.30 pm.
    Location : Ngee Ann Auditorium Level 2, Teochew Building, 97 Tank Road.
    Dont miss out. This is conducted by Trizin Tsering Rinpoche himself.

    If any one of you are not familiar with him, please google him. He's very close to the Je Khenpo of Bhutan, meaning the assistant Sangha member to the Sangkara of Bhutan. He's very compassionate and well learned in Dhamma knowledge.
    Many sponsors for the project in Bhutan are multimillionaire and billionaires are his students from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong , China , USA and Europe.
    If the rich people are going to get his blessings, everyone can go and benefit as well.

    Be smart, dont go for blessings conducted by lamas and ngakpas without knowing their background.
    Ngakpas are married men, similar to white robe ajahns in Thailand.
    Not everyone wearing a lama's robe is a Lama. Most people wear lama attire becuz many people in Asia dont know how to differentiate an Ordained Lama and a Ngakpa.

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    13 May 2009
    Though this is practically advertisment, I will let this thread stand for now as the event seems free of charge. Members are advised though to not create any advertisment/event threads outside the appropiate sub-forums in the future. Any more such threads might be deleted and suspensions given.
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